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Sichuan Charity Tour


Photographer / Copywriting / Web Design


Sichuan, China

In order to build a corporate image, the company decided to fund an elementary school in the mountainous area of Sichuan. I was assigned to take pictures there and make a website.


01. Purpose

To build a corporate image with charity.

Because the company wanted to build a good corporate image, we made suggestions for charity. There is an elementary school in a remote village in Sichuan, where children travel across the mountains to come to the school. But the school does not have a concrete playground. Every time it rains, all students' shoes and clothes are yellow mud. Therefore, we decided to sponsor them to build a playground where children can play basketball and skip rope, and even if it rains, they don’t have to worry about getting out of the classroom.


It made us feel gratified especially when seeing their eyes kindled because of the whole new playground. Although it was summer vacation time, all the students came to welcome the new infrastructure.

02. Result

After the webpage was launched, the customer's inquiries were very high, and even some customers directly asked if there was any sponsorship demand. At the same time, it also enhances the trust of users.


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