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Enlightened Marys




San Francisco,

AAU Spring Show 2022

 Spring Show of Academy of Art University 2022 

This assignment involves choosing a font and constructing a web page with a timeline attached to it. To show the charm of women in the eighteenth century, I chose the font "Mrs Eaves". However, after researching, I found that...

enlightened marys

01. Pick up a Font

Mrs. Eaves

Zuzana Licko designed Mrs Eaves in 1996, her first attempt at designing a traditional typeface. The typeface is based on Baskerville, the famous typeface designed in 1757 in Birmingham, England by John Baskerville. Baskerville later married Sarah Eaves, his housekeeper who lived with him.

I think this is a font that pays tribute to women. At the same time, this is also the font that Licko has improved to the optical display of computers, so I chose it to use in my works.

02. Choose Theme

The prototype font of Mrs Eaves, Baskerville is designed in the 1750s, which happens to be the age of enlightenment, an era when all kinds of ideas shine.

Based on the fact that Mrs. Eaves is paying tribute to women. I decided to study women in the eighteenth century. While researching, I found an interesting phenomenon —— there are many women whose names are Mary (or Marie)! Design must be fun. Therefore, I decided to focus more on "Mary". This is the origin of the theme "Maries of the Age of Enlightenment".

03. Design


I tried several different colors, including dark colors based on black and bright colors based on rococo.

In the end, I chose a light-looking rococo color scheme, using bright and elegant colors such as pink and aqua blue to create a feminine atmosphere.


The Rococo style places great emphasis on decoration, so I also put a lot of decorations on the website, such as line decoration, flowers behind the characters... etc.



There were many beautiful ornaments on women's heads in the 18th century, so I used women's silhouettes and feathers as the logo.



After all, there is no place that is more free than schoolwork, so I used different icons to make function keys. For example: use the sofa in the salon, which represents Home (Lobby); click on "flower" to expand the list of women; the share button is similar to the icon used in modern times but is deformed with leaves.


04. Result

This assignment not only made me highly recommended by the teacher, but also got me the opportunity to participate in the school's Spring Show.

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