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Visual Design



From official website to app, the company decided to merge the original two old game platforms into one and create a new game official website which adds E-gaming that meets the preferences of the young people.


01. Identify Need

Goal I: Integrate two separate platforms to reduce maintenance costs.

The maintenance cost of our two existing platforms is too high. In order to save costs, we decided to merge them and manage the original customers on both sides in a unified manner.

->Challenge: Let users painlessly switch between new and old versions of the platform.

Goal ll: In addition to the original games, import e-sports games and make it a flagship product

According to the Newzoo Global Esports Market Report, virtual goods have a compound annual growth rate of e-sports up to 73.4% (2018-2023). The Chinese market currently takes for the largest share of global e-sports revenue, which accounting for 35.0% of total global revenue.

->Challenge: Keep the original game on the platform and focus on e-sports style

Goal lll: Increase the B2C market & Reduce the average age of website users

The average age of existing users is 43 years old, and we hope to increase young users (20-35 years old).

More than six in every ten internet users watching esports are aged between 16 and 35 years old

->Challenge: How to improve the experience of first-time users, increase the registration rate, increase the number of young users without affecting the original customers.

02. Competitive Analysis

I. Competitors in the industry: 

  • IGaming: Self-developed many e-sports betting products, which are brands that only do e-sports betting, and the operation method is relatively simple for users.

  • Asia Gaming: The leading brand of Asian online casinos has just introduced an e-sports system. The focus of the game is placed on the homepage, which is very convenient for users to quickly see the game and team information.

  • Bet365: One of the largest sports betting sites in Europe, the user process of e-sports betting is the same as other sports betting, users can quickly see the scores, odds, etc. 


II. Well-known esports game reference: 

  • League of Legend / Dota / Counter strike. According to statistics, these three games are currently the games with the highest number of game viewers in the market and the most betting in e-sports betting. Therefore, we decided to use these three games as the main relevant elements to create e-sports web pages.


BJH, has the majority of customers. The main colors are red and white.


YYH, the main colors are blue and white.


At that time, the color schemes of the game websites with the most players were mostly dark colors.

03. Stakeholder Interview

Due to company policy restrictions, we cannot directly access our users. Therefore, we have decided to conduct internal interviews. We try our best to conduct user behavior surveys through customer service and employees who know the game well. In order to be more precise, we use China-specific network analysis tools (such as CNZZ, BAIDU analysis) to understand user habits. For example : screen size, user flow, hot spot analysis, common functions... etc.

User flow of entering game.png

04. Design Execution

Make Wireframe:

After confirming the user's behavior, we started to make the wireframe to ensure the smoothness of the overall process.

Color theme:

The original two websites are: red and white color matching (the largest number of users), and blue and white color matching.

We refer to many video game websites, most of which are dark.

In order to make the original user easy to identify, we decided to keep the main color of the original website with the most users: red, and also use the dark color system as the visual color of the whole site.


Visual Design & Guideline for Website & Mobile:

After about 80% of the process was done, we began to design the vision and formulate a guideline that included web pages and apps.


According to Miller's law, in order to prevent users from receiving too much information at a time and causing click troubles, we separate the most frequently used functions after statistics and place them in the first visual area.

main visual prototype.png

05. Result

I. The conversion rate of using the new version of the website has increased:

We reserve the right to let customers choose the old and new version on the original website, and count the rate of choosing to use the new version within one month and not returning to the old version. It is 81%, which is a 24% increase from the previous revision. 16% of people choose to continue to use the original version, and 3% have no fixed preferences.

II. B2C registration rate growth:

In terms of users, according to statistics, the growth of new B2C users in one month is 8%. and around 40 % are e-sport players.

III. The number of young users of the site has increased:

the average age is 36 years old (down 7 years from the average age of original users).

IV. ​​The effectiveness of the introduction of e-sports games:

The betting rate in the first month was 37%, of which 39% were original users and the rest were new users.


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