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Research / UI / UX / VR


Figma / Photoshop / illustrator / Gravity Sketch / AE / Premiere

 Winners of the best project for Stellantis 2022 

Cooperate with the world famous brand Chrysler. What new possibilities will our vehicles have in 2040?
No longer a traditional car, Somnuin is a good partner to accompany children to study anytime, anywhere!




User Journey Map

We used FigJam to brainstorm on Amber's journey from waking up, going to work, to coming home.



In order to better understand the preferences of our main customer group: children. We found a 9-year-old girl who was willing to be interviewed. This process is very interesting, because children express differently from adults, we learn how to get along with children and try to use their way of thinking to understand their world.



We found that little ones love games very much( I can tell even Adults too )! Games are also the best way for them to learn. So we hope that we can bring the concept of games into our Automobile design to create a fun learning environment.



Concept sketch

Children always have tens of millions of questions and are full of curiosity about the world. So we plan to create an AI Buddy, which can help children answer their doubts anytime, anywhere. It is not only a good friend for children, but also a good guide.
  (Its appearance can be chosen by the children themselves, let's use a cute little rabbit to represent it first)


Amber's Journey

In order to allow Amber to learn from our vehicle anytime, anywhere, we designed a story to show how Amber goes about her day. It also incorporates how to interact with the car and AI Bunny.



After deciding on the overall direction, I started to design the interface about learning and Bunny. The students in the industrial & architectural design group started to design Automobile & Environmentally Friendly Chrysler Center in the same direction.

Since everyone is working remotely, how to maintain a team atmosphere and communication is very important.


How does it work?

The journey we want to present is that Amber is going from point A to point B. On the way, she can not only learn from the environment outside through the window of the car, but also through the immersive experience of VR when the car is not moving or there is no view outside the window.

S​o I made three designs to present different purposes:


Step 1: Search for a destination.
The location can be entered through voice and AR keyboard.

Step 2: Destination information.
The displayed content includes the name of the destination, introduction, related pictures and videos, comments, estimated time, and arrival time.

Step 3: Confirm the destination.
Finally: Display the location and destination path.

Window mode

When the car is started, it will display the scenery outside the window just like the current car, but the difference is f information outside the window has been added.

Step 1: Choose " Window " mode.
Go through voice and AR keyboard.

Step 2: Window mode opened.
Step 3: Learn from the world.

Information can be displayed on where you have passed and what you have seen during the journey. If you have any questions, AI Buddy will also help to answer them.


VR Game Learning mode

Turn on the game mode and take you to places you can't usually go in the way of augmented reality! For example, follow us to explore the Arctic, learn about the ecology of polar bears, find out the causes of global warming... There are still many unknowns waiting for you to explore!


Encouraging Feedback


What I learned from this project

Through this project, I had the opportunity to explore new technologies like VR design with Gravity Sketch, and I also gained valuable experience collaborating with colleagues from various departments. As the sole product designer on the team, I faced the challenge of quickly adapting to the unfamiliar field of Automotive Design and finding ways to contribute to the team's success. Despite initial hurdles, I was able to use my skills to benefit the entire team.

In addition to the UIUX field, our team comprised of industrial designers and architects. Effective communication and division of labor were key to our success in helping each other across different fields. of cross-disciplinary teamwork and strengthened my ability to work collaboratively towards a shared goal.

If I had more time

I plan to enhance the entire learning process by refining the reward and exploration systems. Additionally, I intend to integrate various images into the animation to create a more immersive and realistic learning experience.


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