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In life, we often have some passing thoughts, "If... it can be improved, it would be great!"


01. Selective Phobia

Do you often feel confused about which one to choose?


In the book "Simplicity First: Four Strategies for Interactive Design", four strategies for interactive design are introduced: delete, organize, hide, and transfer, ... Delete options: too many options will make users difficult to choose. It is difficult for users to use.

It's easier to identify the things which we don't like than the things we do like. And THIS conception will help users to accelerate the time for decision making.

Therefore, I design a view that can easily drop out the options you don’t need anymore.


02. Google Parking

In Taiwan, it is always hard to know where a parking space is exactly because every parking field is owned by different parking companies. To solve this problem, I tried to design an App basic on google map which could show all the parking lots nearby when you use google map and you could book directly from it.


03. Hair Salon

My hairdresser has told me that it would be great if there's an app for him to deal with  all the reservations.

Therefore, I made a hair salon reservation app where the clients can make a reservation easier. They could choose which designer they prefer, what they want to do with their hair...etc.


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