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Shizen I:


Branding / Order App / Website


San Francisco

This project is the assignment of the Academy of Art University. We need to find a High Concept or High-End restaurant for rebranding. This work was selected for the Spring Show of Academy of Art University 2022.


Why Shizen ? Why rebranding ?

Reason I: 

  • I have passed this road hundreds of times, but I never found that there is a very famous and very delicious restaurant here until I saw the crowds outside one day.
    After all, its appearance is really inconspicuous, it is a dusty gem.


Reason II: 

  • At the beginning, even if I noticed that there is a restaurant here, from his menu design to the exterior signboard, I never thought it was a very high-concept restaurant. I summarize the reasons as follows:

  • Uniformly use brand specifications

  • Logo is difficult to recognize

  • Not only does the menu fail to show the naturalness that the brand emphasizes, it is also not easy to read.



After identifying the customer, I proceeded to investigate in two areas:
I. The main customer base of the restaurant (ex. Customer age, income, region)
II. Competitors of the restaurant

I also thought about the brainstorm wordlists for this restaurant



The concept of creation, whether in design or cooking, is an indispensable element that makes it stand out.

In order to make a design closer to the restaurant, I am used to first understand the philosophy of the restaurant and understand the message that the restaurant wants to convey to people.

Shizen is proud to be a fully vegan sushi bar and izakaya. They combine classic shojin and sushi techniques with local, seasonal ingredients to create healthy and flavorful dishes with a light footprint.
They believe that the components of honest plant-based cuisine should speak for themselves. Their chefs use tapioca, mountain yam, konjac, bean curd, and other vegan ingredients to form complex and satisfying dishes that stand on their own without the need to imitate animal proteins.


Photo from Shizen

Logo Design

I tried many different styles and combined their creative ideas to design Shizen’s logo.

For example, using Shizen's "S" combined with Japanese flowers and ingredients, emphasizing the elegant and natural feeling. Use Japanese writing or make traditional Japanese seal signs to create the atmosphere of a Japanese restaurant.


Finally, although the logo made with S combined with Japanese flowers is very elegant, I chose one that looks more natural and emphasizes grounding. Because the idea of this restaurant is to bring people closer to people through nature.


Printing and peripheral products


Super thick cardboard-like paper  | Emboss


Foil Stamping, white ink


It is sushi but not sushi?

Instead of using traditional fish, it is replaced by vegetables that change with the seasons. This is a very innovative concept. However, in what way can we make viewers think of sushi without being constrained by traditional stereotypes?

I use deconstructive techniques to separate the elements of sushi.
When it comes to sushi, people easily think of Japan, so I used the red circle that represents the Japanese flag as the focal point of the whole vision. In addition, the circle is filled with Japanese gardens to enhance details.
An important element of sushi-"rice" has also been separated. It is covered with a green leaf that represents "natural" and "vegetable" and has a strong contrast with red. (The concept of this leaf can also be brought to the design of the Logo)

The entire poster uses planetary trajectories as decoration. Copernicus's movement of celestial bodies is an innovation in scientific concepts, and I want to transfer this innovative concept to sushi dishes. The feeling after tasting this kind of sushi is like discovering a new planet.


About Interaction?

In addition to the entire CIS design, we also applied these to the interactive situational design, ordering system and image website. See how we do it :

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