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Identification design


Taipei, Taiwan

Help different companies design trademarks and job advertisements

Logo design

01. Long Yuan Infotech

Company Name:

隆源科技股份有限公司 Long Yuan Infotech Inc.

Company profile:

Young and energetic start-up company which provides a service platform of integrity, technology, professionalism and innovation to create a perfect experience for consumers.

First Logo design concept:

The energy that started to explode, blooming like a flower.

Since it is a start-up company, I use a concept similar to the ‘start' icon to design, to represent the spirit of innovation, and find a way to incorporate the "L and Y" that represents LongYuan into it. Finally got a blooming flower.

Warm colors are used to represent the company's core values of radiance and heat generation, while metallic colors with a sense of technology are used on both sides.

LY-LOGO 2020-05-14_頁面_03.jpg

Final Logo design concept:

Long Yuan has the meaning of rising and unceasing in Chinese itself. At the same time, it also sounds like an amphibian creature "salamander". Not only King of France, Francis I regards the salamander as a personal emblem, but Mexico also regards it as an auspicious symbol due to the extraordinary ability of this animal to regenerate.

Therefore, I use the hand of the salamander as the visual LOGO of the entire company, representing vitality, continuity and auspiciousness. The overall tone uses the contrast of yellow and black to increase the sense of vitality and strong impression.

Recruitment advertisement:

There is a famous Taiwanese proverb: "If you pay peanuts, you get monkeys." 

I took advantage of this concept and used the monkey version of "Want you" as the main visual, with the text "Your Future, YOU decide", emphasizing that "YOU" plays the leading position of the future.

LY-LOGO 2020-05-14_頁面_10.jpg

02. Ying-Li Technology Co., Ltd.

Company Name:

楹利科技股份有限公司 Ying-Li Technology Co.,Ltd

Company profile:

Yingli Co., Ltd. is a new and innovative information service company engaged in the research and development of system integration platforms. We are committed to providing customers with fast and safe products.

Logo design concept:

In Chinese, "Ying" has a pillar to mean stability, and "Li" means sharpness and profit. 

As the name has wood and profit, I use "money tree" (businessmen in China often put a money tree made of jade and tree ester in the store as a symbol of fortune) as a design concept.

Merged the Y and L letters representing Ying-Li into the concept of "tree". Brown represents a stable trunk, green represents lush foliage, and yellow represents benefits.


03. WeCheer Corporation

Company Name:

WeCheer Corporation

Company profile:

WeCheer is a young Internet company that provides Internet services such as audio and video streaming and communication software.

Logo design concept:

The client hopes that the trademark has W and brings people a joyous atmosphere. So I made W rounded corners and added a dot to give it a dynamic feel.


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